Perfect sweatshirts, hoodies, trousers and streetwear items

Streetwear never goes out of style! Moreover, you can fully reflect the spirit of your brand in such clothes.

What can replace a warm and comfortable sweatshirt or hoodie on cold winter days! 

Or consider trousers and tops that can be worn as a set. Your customers will love it.

If you are looking for a hoodie manufacturer for you streetwear brand we are here for you!

Sampling Process

It all starts with the preparation of a special sample for you.

Send the product technical file (tech pack) or a fit sample to us and leave the rest to us.

The sample product will be manufactured and send to your address in a short time.

Manufacturing Process

After the sampling process, we can go with the bulk production.

The entire production process, from yarn to fabric then to the final product, is carried out in accordance with your requirements.

Your products are carefully manufactured in expert hands with the quality you are looking for.

Customized for Your Brand

All processes that make the product special to your brand, such as embroidery and printing, are carried out using state-of-art fully automated machineries.

Moreover, we support our clients with custom-made packages if requested.

After the quality inspection we carefully box your products, and ship them to your desired delivery point.